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Monday, November 14, 2011

the secret diary of rahul@gandhi

14th Nov                                                                                                           

It feels so good today. I am smiling from ear to ear while writing this page. Ofcourse ,throughout the day I maintained a grim ,purposeful look – just like mummy and priyanka had told me to do. But first things first. I  must tell you why today is special –mum ,finally, spoke the magic word. I had been waiting for this magic word for years ( and the whole world thinks I am waiting to be anointed the prime minister ) . I spoke to her just half an hour back – after finally getting Rita  B off my back ( but more on her later). The phone at 10 Janpath  was picked up on exactly the second ring and mummy came on the line on the count of five. ( These counts are very important –on the first count portends irritation; the second stands for anger ;  the third for danger. Things start getting better from the fourth count … ) I had rehearsed my opening lines , and my lines of defence, but she spoke before I could open my mouth. And her first words were “ well done”. OMG!! I almost sank back against the wall in relief ,but immediately straightened (incase Mayawati’s men were lurking somewhere snooping in on me ).My lips had stretched back to form“thank you” but once again she pre empted me. “The  speech was good .You had learnt the lines well .Your body language was right –neither humble nor arrogant. But your eye contact ! tch tch .It really needs a lot of working on .You were only looking at the crowd in front of you. There was no eye contact with the left or right”.Indignation gave me the courage to finally speak.” Mum, it was you who told me to leave the left and the right and  concentrate on the centre”. She clicked her tongue in exasperation.”That was for  the political parties, not the crowd. You have to work through the whole crowd, weave your magic – just like dadi and daddy used to do .And I am sending Diggy Raja to U.P tomorrow. He will teach you how to wave  to the people .Your wave was very stiff and jerky –just like Manmohanji’s wave. Catch some sleep now. You have to wake up early tomorrow and rehearse your lines and moves.”  I whispered goodnight to the silent phone  and sank onto the nearest chair. The words “ well done “ reverberated in my ears.I smiled. But then the thought of another day with Rita B crossed my mind. I stopped smiling . And then remembered –good ol Diggy ,with his statements, was joining me soon. I smiled.
I must sleep now. Will write about madam B tomorrow.

14th November

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