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Friday, August 17, 2012

hundred @facebook

Those days , the days before Azharuddin, before match fixing, before Preity Zinta and Nita Ambani  -  those days of Sharjah and of India Pakistan  matches played out in the true spirit of the game  ( which was the spirit of 'holy war'  and only war ) ; those days when one watched cricket with the heart in the mouth feeling and did not change seats because superstition did not allow one to ; those days one would start rooting for the batsman inching towards his century. That century would become the fulcrum of the game and everything else would fade into the long on...

Well, the days of  the Sheikhs and Sharjah and Sunil G are now passe but the magic of the 100 still holds. Consider this : I signed up on Facebook two years back with the only honest intention of connecting with friends I had been close to in school and college. That happened and one was happy and contented. Then a couple of friend requests came my way and one was even more happy and contented. Then a couple of friend requests made from my side were accepted and the happiness and contentment quotient grew more. The proverbial cup was full to the brim and threatening to overflow. And then the green eyed monster- the serpent in Adam and Eve's garden raised its head. The monster , called Dissatisfaction, drew my attention to the fact that all my FB 'friends' had more 'friends' than I had . Not just a teeny weeny bit  more but atleast a hundred more ! Hundred now became the number I had to achieve. I send 'friend requests' by the droves- not only to school and college friends but also to friends of the school and college friends and  to the friends of the friends of the school and college friends. Acceptances started trickling in and the numbers started increasing- 24 on Monday became 35 by Tuesday and Wednesday saw it go upto 50. But friday (the 13th ) proved to be the best- I now had 88 friends ( the daughter and son had finally  relented and accepted my request and in the bargain some of their friends- the ones who had eaten my chocolate cake- send me requests).

The next few days were cropless- I was clueless on whom to tap next. The brainwave struck when the husband was  holding forth on the perils of FB ( being a stickler for not breaking stereotypes- this one being that the husband is always the last to know- one had ensured that the 'race for 100' was kept  a secret from him). The brainwave was so brilliant that my face lit up with glee and a tiny chortle escaped from my mouth  causing the husband  to look questioningly. Presence of mind saved the day and the next few minutes were spent   nodding in agreement  and gasping in horror- the latter at a particularly horrifying example of the aforementioned perils. Fifteen minutes later I was on FB , executing  the deed.

Now I not only know about what my school and college friends did last summer but I also know what my colleagues did on their weekly off- I happen to be 'friends' with them all.

And yes, now my cup doth truly overflow- the 100 has been crossed!

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