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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Silence of the lambs


                                                   You know the truth
                                                  hear the whispered words
                                                     see the pitying looks
                                                    yet   you, the wife,  stay silent
                                           The news is nothing new
                                                  you knew that he was wandering loose
                                            maybe you tried to reign him in
                                                 attempted to tame him perhaps

                                          The marriage you tried to save
                                                 the children you hoped to shield
                                                    the house you wanted to be  a home
                          The miracle you prayed for, to bring home the wayward husband

                                                     you are  left bearing his guilt
                                                  pride in tatters and hopes shattered
                                         left  to cope  with the slur, the stain. the stigma
                                                         and  you   still stay silent?
                                       because you know the onus is still on you
                                           of salvaging the situation, shielding the weak,
                                        holding the falling roof of the crumbling walls
                                                      Is this why you stay silent?



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