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Thursday, February 20, 2014

In my Private World - a poem

                                           Do you ever feel you are an Island?
                                            surrounded by people on all sides
                                               hemmed in by conversation,
                                              by schedules, to do lists, duties
                                                  and , of course ,by love

                                                     On a Valentine Day
                                                   there is music in the air
                                            plenty of love in deep blood roses
                                        in the solitaire my friend flashes in my face
                                            in the hand he puts on my hand

                                                   I look out from my window,
                                            half hidden by the drapes from the street below,
                                                a black dog dashing at a brown squirrel
                                                       a  whistling lad walking homewards
                                           yellow and orange flowers brightening my courtyard

                                                      There is life around me
                                              books, music, poetry and beauty
                                               children, husband, family and chaos
                                                     why do I feel I am an island?
                                          surrounded by everyone and yet alone



  1. Your private world seems very fascinating.

  2. Happens!!! I am in an island right now :)

  3. Anju,
    That was a good poem and also very true. I have been in an island of my own since quite some time now. At times the loneliness is suffocating, at times liberating!