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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hey ! I am talking to you, Time.

                                                        Hey ! where's the fire?
                                                    is there any need to rush so?
                                             look at me trying to catch up with you
                                  but only managing to catch a glimpse of the vanishing you

                                                Have heard paens sung in praise of you
                                                   your punctuality and  regularity
                                                       how you never miss a date 
                                                    with all the three sixty five days

                                                       Is it foolish of me then
                                                        in this year of my life
                                                   to hope that you slow down
                                                    sort of slacken the pace
                                                 give me time to do everything

                                                      Time is running  away and out
                                            with all my dreams spinning in a web of wasted youth
                                                  I want you to slow down,catch your breath
                                              give me time to do at least half of what I have wanted to do
                                                   Hey ! I am talking to you, Time.




  1. Wow! Great! After such a long time, Anju! Nice to have you back...with a bang! I agree with you here, yes, time needs to slow down a bit.

    1. Hey Shilpa- came back because I was missing you and the other Indi Bloggers:):)

  2. It is true that time never wait for anyone.....nice post

  3. Good one Anju ji...... Welcome back!

  4. time!
    It can be stretched or shortened even made to halt - (Scientists say it is pull of gravity that decides the speed of time)
    just cannot be reversed!
    how I wish it could be!

    Excellent poem. May I invite you to read one ?

    1. Thank you- for the comment and the invite. I went on the link and spent a good amount of time. Loved the lyricism in the words!

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  6. Good one Anju! Reminded me of a poem"Good old days" that I had posted some time back....