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Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Rocked and what Shocked this week

What Rocked

  • Vande Mataram.....Vande Maataram....maataram
  • That thousands turned up for the Republic day parade in Delhi,braving the rain. And best of all,sat patiently through the two hours+ ceremony.
  •  Kiran Bedi's lesson on the Solar System during Barkha Dutt's interview.She explained that  Modi was the  star( Sun) ,the Council of Ministers the planets and she somewhere there, completing the constellation.
  • Kiran Bedi again !! Her take on the Ghar Wapsi shenanigans was a simple and eloquent " Aana jaana toh laga hi rehta hai. Aana....jaana ....aana....jaana ( all this in tune with  appropriate hand gestures).
  • The Rupee 8 lakh pin stripe suit worn by Modi at the dinner for Obama. ( Yes, the same one which had his name woven throughout the fabric )Bade bade deshon mein chote mote kharche toh hote rehte hain......

What Shocked 

  • Amit Shah's wife holding up the umbrella for him at the Republic Day parade. 
  • That when Major Mukund Varadarajan's  and Naik Neeraj Kumar Singh's wives went to receive the posthumously awarded Ashok Chakra no one stood up. Is laying down your life for the country worth only a bored look through sunglasses ?
  •  The humumgous handbag dangling on the arm of  the equally err well endowed Omita Paul, secretary to the President at the dinner hosted for the Obamas. Someone gift her a clutch ,please. Quick, before the next  dinner for a visiting head of state.  
  •  Michelle Obama's plastic smile. Is that all what third world countries get??


  1. Very interesting observations. I didn't know the Modi suit was that costly. Our PM has a high class sartorial taste!

    1. Yes. He is certainly raising the bar in every which way.

  2. Even rocking part is shocking to me :P :D A very interesting article.

  3. Now you can write another with Modi suit fetching 4.31 cr.

    I fail to understand what would Hitesh Patel do with much for just a Souvenir!