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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Here is why you will be missed, Mr Vinod Mehta !

 For wearing your  love  for Lucknow on your sleeves,
 For being the last man left standing against the  BJP ( though truth be told you half deserted your own ship after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections),
 For demonstrating true loyalty by carrying on to be the one and only vocal supporter of ' the first  family',
 For valiantly coming on Arnab's show time and again,
 For putting on a brave face in the face of all the hate mail you received from the supporters of the party you loved to hate,
 For  making Outlook a truly readable magazine four times a month,
 For living life king size,
For leaving us with sweet and funny memories,
 For all these and I am sure many more that I, only a random reader, am missing out on, you will be missed.

 There are magazines and then there are magazines and all of them ,I suppose, have an editor but none of them have two editors. And this is where you scored, Mr Mehta. Outlook had you as an editor and you brought along with you tales of your editor at home and this is how I will always remember closing my week's copy of  Outlook- by reading the tailpiece on Editor's antics.

8th  March,2015


  1. May he rest in peace!
    Great tribute.

  2. Nicely put, I think this sums up all the aspects perfectly.

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