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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Learning Idioms through the Kumar Vishwas Saga /Sex Escapade

Kumar Vishwas has travelled a long distance from Pilkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh, to the front pages of Indian newspapers. The poster boy of the Aam Aadmi Party is making and breaking news for a saga that seems to have come straight from the stables of Balaji Telefilms. The story is not only immensely riveting but also educative. One can learn a whole battery of idioms through it. Here are a few :

In the eye of the storm: No prizes for who is in the eye of the storm- Kumar Vishwas .
Hell hath no fury like a woman ( neglected) scorned : This one is for the wife- apparently the one who spilled the beans.

The lady doth protest too much: Not really an idiom but a quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet.It means  that a person's  vehement attempts to convince others of something , ironically, help to convince the others that the opposite is true. Do you still want to know who the lady in question here is ?

The Vultures are circling:If the vultures are circling, then something / someone  is in danger and its enemies are getting ready for the kill. The idiom can be used both for the man and the party.

Putting up a brave front:  The poet himself.

Attack is the best form of defence: Vishwas again. He has very effectively used airtime to blame  everyone- the media, the BJP, Shazia Ilmi, his detractors ....

Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather : It is the equivalent of " Where there's smoke, there's fire."

Discretion is the better part of valour : something so not happening in the saga of Amethi.

Can you all think of some more? Do share if you do.


  1. My contribution to it is in Kumar's language Hindi- " jiska kaam usiko saaje...aur kare to danda baje "
    Meaning he is a poet much loved so better stay in field he is master of..

    1. That's a wonderful one,Kokila !!!
      Totally endorse it.

  2. In the politics , everyone cant be succeed .Kumar my favorite poet is being a dark face of Indian politics for me too. I agree with Kokila ji , " जाको काम वाइये छाजे और करे तो डंडा बाजे !!

  3. Totally agree with you and Kokila :)

  4. his arrogance leaves wonderstruck

  5. Good ones, so are funny too with your descriptions :)