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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Ecstatic Congress Plans Merger of all Political Parties. Group to be called G 420

 The Congress party announced today that it has sent out invitations to all political parties of India for a mega event to be held sometime in early July. The party spokesperson, Mr Ranjay Kha , said that the party high command felt that recent events had shown that all parties shared the same ideology and beliefs and hence should come together as one . He informed that the merged parties would be known as G 420.

Faking News had been getting news from sources that from the time the Lalit Modi scandal broke out and exposed the humanitarianism of the ministers and chief ministers of the BJP led government an ecstatic Congress had gone into a huddle. Till the scandal the GOP had felt that the BJP lacked the ‘human’ touch and that the two had nothing in common. “Now that it is clear that the ruling party is as ready to help those in distress as the Congress has always been there is no reason why the two should be so far apart. Hum Saath Saath hai sounds so much better than Dooriyan , especially when unity has been the leitmotif of Indian society ” , a political heavy weight of the Congress revealed. He added that the rest of the parties in India, including the AAP, had already been invited since they fulfilled the basic criteria of scams and taints.

When this reporter asked Ranjay Kha how the moniker G 420 had been zeroed in on, a visibly proud Kha revealed that it was the brain child of the party vice president. “ Rahul ji, during his twenty second chintan manthan for the year- this one in Honolulu, got the idea. It occurred to him when he was swimming with the , er, mermaids . Rahul ji did not want to be accused of plagiarism and so instead of G 20 he came up with G 420. Also, we in India do have so many national and regional parties that 420 seems to be way more appropriate than 20”.

Faking News tried to get the BJP spokesperson to confirm the above. However, all attempts to get Hambit Ratra to verify the super merger failed. An uncharacteristically coy Ratra only agreed to say ‘ No comments’. Meanwhile , owls and other intelligent creatures have sighted unusual activity in and around the Times Now studio. It seems loudspeakers and super effective microphones are being flown in for the studio head and for the guests who will be asked to cower , sorry come, to the studio.