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Friday, January 14, 2011

A 'Happy' New Year

I spent all of 30th and 31st december 2010 before the television,transfixed by the sight of benign,and not so benign,looking men( that reminds me-why no women?) intoning the forecast for 2011. I was mesmerised by the deft manner in which they were forecasting for each zodiac sign.The optimist in me rejoiced at all the good things being spoken about my sign(virgo). 2011 was promising to be 'The Year' for me. Health would be robust; wealth :bountiful; partner: loving(here i looked doubtfully at my spouse of 22 years)career: upwards trajectory ;enemies: trounced. Went to bed on 31st with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart.Woke up to a beautiful morning. The sun was out, the maid had woken up on time, husband was smiling ,God was in heaven and all was well. This(and all the benign men and their benign prophesies)called for some thanksgiving. A temple visit was definitely on .Stepped out of the house. Walked a few steps .Greeted some neighbours. Saw some dogs. Kept the smile on my face.They were only playing. Saw the dogs bounding up to a neighbour. Smile still on my face.Saw them bounding away. Saw them come back again. This time they were barking. Next minute they were all over me(or i was under them).Was i still smiling? No. I had two dog bites to take away the smile from my face.If anybody out there ,in the big blog world, can find those benign men for me maybe i will get the smile back on my face. Till then i have plenty to keep me occupied .The vaccination visits for starters.


  1. enjoyed reading ur blog...when did u start doing this? it has been ages since we have met..let's meet for coffee sometime..take care...madu(pinky)

  2. Hey madu,you have a long life. Was going to call you toaday. that cuppa of coffee sounds good..anju