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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of scooterists and driving in Delhi

I take a spiffy right turn, hum my current favorite ditty and throw a smile at this absolutely gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous- baby! I am cruising along at a comfortable speed of about 40 when I suddenly spot a two wheeler- no, not two wheelers and dealers, but a two wheeled contraption, bearing a striking resemblance to the one used by Amol Palekar in 'Choti si Baat'. I am understandably transfixed by the sight but, and herein lies the catch, so it seems are they. Yeth, yeth, I know I am using the personal  pronoun in the plural -they, and you will quite likely want to know who is the 'they'. I mean only the person sitting pillion can look at me because the other has to propel the lambretta forward ( a la Amol.P) in the aforementioned movie. But, here it was 'they' who were looking, gesturing and speaking to me. It was, you guessed right, another instance of traffic rules being flouted. There were not one but two riding pillion!  

Anyways, no one can accuse me of being socially challenged and so I too , sort of  ,acknowledged them .The girl sitting at the back waved her arms - I thought she was being slightly over enthusiastic and raised an eyebrow. Next,- it was the turn of the girl in the middle.   She contorted her ample body to turn and give me a ' look.' I raised my other eyebrow. But it was only when the scooterist also turned and gesticulated and mouthed something which certainly did not look as if he was asking for my autograph that I realized that something was wrong. I looked at the car door-not open. belt-on. Check. Terrosist in the back seat-no. Check. I again looked at the trio. Heavens! They-yes all three of them- seemed to be having a problem with my driving. Well, well, well. I can take 'comments' about my driving from the husband and the girl and the boy , but from these characters? no way. I was mentally rolling up my sleaves and thinking of some of the 'choisest' (in  english, ofcourse) when I heard this screeching of tyres.

Guess what? the traffic police had just pulled up next to them and were handing out a slip ( challan? ) in just the way shown in movies .
What is it 'they' say about divine justice?


  1. I'm also a scooterist in Delhi, Anju. A decent one, I believe.

  2. Of course a decent one,Tomichan ! That is why you write such lovely prose and poetry !

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