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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sitaron se aage abhi jahaan aur bhi hain.....

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the sun’s rays don’t seem to be warm enough, when doors open out to bleakness and the windows in our room seem to be blocking our escape.   I think Iqbal wrote these wonderful lines for just such a time .  Dedicating these lines to my daughter & son, to my indiblogger  friends  and to myself.

                           Sitaron se aage abhi jahaan aur bhi hain
                             Beyond the stars there are world more
                             Abhi Ishq ke imtehan aur bhi hain
                            There are even more tests of passion

                            Tahi zindagi se nahin ye fizayen
                         This existence alone does not matter
                          Yahan siakdon karwaan aur bhi hain
                            There are boundless journeys more

                            Khana’at na kar aalam-e-rang-o-bu par
                                 Do not rest on what you have
                            Chaman aur bhi aashiyaan aur bhi hain
                           There are paradises more to explore

                            Agar kho gaya ek nasheman to kya ghum
                           Why worry if you have lost one abode
Maqmat-e-aah-o-fughaan aur bhi hain
                             There are a million addresses to claim

                                Tu shaheen hai parvwaaz hai kaam tera
                             You are the falcon, flight is your task
                                    Tere saamne aasmaan aur bhi hain
                             before you there are other skies as well

                               Isi roz-o-shab main ulajh kar na rah ja
                      Lose not yourself in the cycle of days and nights
                               Ke tere zameen par makaan aur bhi hain
                              Within your reach are feats even more

                           Gaye din ke tanha tha main anjuman mein
                    The days are gone when I was alone in a crowd
                            Yahaan ab mere raazdaan aur bhi hain
                        Now I have other secret sharers( friend) too



  1. These are famous lines of Iqbal and your translation is quite impressive :-)

  2. Yes, Maniparna- I love these lines by Iqbal.

  3. Very motivating lines. Awesome poetry by Iqbal.
    Thanks for sharing & dedicating :)