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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Rajdeep Sardesai will be missed

Rajdeep Sardesai ,the Editor-in-Chief of IBN18 Network, is doing many things these days: he is  holidaying with wife, Sagarika Ghosh; looking forward to watching the  Soccer World Cup; updating his blog, writing adieu short he is a busy man. What he is certainly not doing is anchoring the Prime Time news on CNN IBN. Since voyeurism has  never been  one of my sins I will not even begin to venture into the murky waters of the  salacious gossip swirling around Rajdeep Sardesai but what I  can say with certainty is that," hey Rajdeep,  you've broken my heart". 

  • Prime Time news at CNN IBN  will never be the same without:
  •  your crooked smile

  •  and pink shirt .(  When was the last time a news anchor dared to  wear  his feminist side so openly on the 9'o clock news hour ? )
  • and your   yellow tie?

  • and  your 'laddoo' jokes....

  • and your  signature 'editor's take' ( which ,Rajdeep, never really meant much, but we, the loyalists, sat through loyally)
  • and for the sake of that loyalty- could you please ask Bhupendra Choubey to loosen up a bit ? 
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