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Friday, September 12, 2014

What rocked and what shocked this week

What Rocked

There are no two opinions about this one- yes, the Jury is certainly not out on this. The award for 'What Rocked' most certainly goes to India's erstwhile Prime Minister, Dr ManMohan Singh. Do I hear a collective gasp out there? Well, let me put matters in the correct perspective.

 Consider this: we have all had, at some point or the other in our chequered/colorful lives, some skeleton tumbling out of the cupboard. Such  a skeleton leaves  us dented ( if  not painted), slightly bluish around the fins and with a haunted/hunted expression for at least  a few days.  It takes us a while to recover from the unexpected revelation of something we had presumed to be safely buried.

Now, here is our gentleman,who has a skeleton tumbling out almost every day of every week .  So, if Sanjay Baru  happened to the Accidental Prime Minister on a friday, Vinod Rai on a tuesday and  Kamal Nath on a Wednesday ,then Natwar Singh sprang out on a Monday. Anybody with less chutzpah would have called a press conference , told ALL ,and then gone studio hopping to clear his/her name. Not Dr Singh. He is displaying  the true mettle of a survivor and staying put and staying quiet. Nobody and nothing has made him open his mouth.

What Shocked

Used to as we were, for the last decade or so, of a lackadaisical central government approach to problems of a magnitudinal nature , Narendra Modi's hands on approach to salvage the situation in flood ravaged Jammu and Kashmir has certainly been a shocker. He understood , before even Omar Abdullah did, that Mr Abdullah would not be able to rise to the occasion and so took matters in his own hands.The  army was called in, core teams dispatched and mobilization of resources begun.
Bottom line: The buzzword is ACTION.
Now, don't you find that shocking?


  1. Interesting read Anju, I like the concept as I have read this on your blog before too and find it fun to read with a dash of humor you add. I have one word for both the Men in question, Sympathy. One for all the bashing he is silently taking and the other for fighting relentlessly against either opposition or natural calamity to truly prove to people "Achhe din Aane wale hain."

    1. Hey Shweta- thanks for the thumbs up:)
      I read your take on the two prime ministers with interest. 'Sympathy' is a good word to use and yes, one does feel that Dr Singh is being bashed for somebody else's foibles and follies- but one does wish for him to speak up at some point. And where NaMo is concerned- he is a braveheart!

  2. Hi Anju,aptly made difference between present and previous regime at centre!

  3. Dr Singh was thrust into politics. Some are born politicians, some achieve politics and upon some is politics thrust, as the Bard would say.

  4. Hi Anju,
    Good to be here.
    Yes, its really sad to note that,
    Manmohan Singh need sympathy!
    Because We or the people around him made him like that!
    But the Man in action too we made... let him act, that is his
    bounden duty as a leader of the Nation, He now jut not belong to Gujarat alone
    instead he is and should be for all states, in such a situation like flood ravage Jammu and Kashmir a nation's PM should act that way only, if some may politicize it it will be just politics,nothing else.
    Thanks ro sharing this.
    May you have a wonderful weekend
    Keep informed.
    Philip Ariel
    PS: Hey Anju pl. take out the word verification from here that will make way for your readers to comment easily i mean without any hassles. This you can do it by visiting your dashboard settings.
    ~ Phil