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Friday, January 14, 2011

shaping up

I visited my regular beauty saloon yesterday. Nothing remarkable about the fact. What set the visit aside is that i came out with a host of resolutions made- all leading in one direction-i HAVE to shape up.Let me share with you what transpired between me and my regular attendant( lets give her a name and call her Sweety ).
Me: good morning.I will go in for the works.
Sweety: good morning maam. Seeing you after ages.
Me: ( blithely) well,you know, its been just too cold...
Sweety:-  we have a new range of facials- slightly high end -but very popular.
Me: how are they priced
sweety: x amount( mentions an astronomical figure)
me: i think i will skip it for now and settle for my regular
sweety: (smiling ever so sweetly) well i just mentioned it because i thought you need it- with your skin showing signs of aging ....
me: (reeling under the shock of the above cut but trying to put up a brave front)well thats news to me .Nobody has ever said so before.
sweety:oh, maam.Just yesterday your best friend was here and we happened to get talking and your name cropped up and she said EXACTLY the same thing.

I tottered out some couple of hours later- all shaken up and emotionally mauled. But one resolution made- I have to make sweety AND my best friend eat their words!!!

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  1. Know just how you feel ---every night I see my profile in the mirror ---oaunch and double chin et al and vow ----tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life and tomorrow I shall begin the process of losing all the flab--TOMORROW I SHALL START THE DIET. On that happy note I take myself off to bed , sleep soundly, wake up ---view the profile again and resolutely refuse the morning bites of cookie. The resolve lasts thru breakfast almost to lunch but the nibbles overtake me and I am done for. The story is repeated again and again but I am an optimist ---ONE day, SOMEDAY , I shall begin to melt that flab off -- I just have to devise the right strategy and the svelte me hidden inside will emerge----watch out world!!