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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Defining a Savvy Woman

Mid morning is a lovely time. The chores all done , husband and kids out of sight , the maid taking her hour long bath ( ! ). It is difficult to decide what is the best part : the fresh coffee or the day's fix of newspapers and magazines . I settle myself comfortably in my favourite corner and open the newspapers .  All seems to be quiet on the western front , the eastern front and all other fronts. Modi is not hogging the headlines, Rahul G is quiet ,  Kate and William have been blessed with a boy - and all of England seems to be celebrating by downing huge amounts of ale/ beer and whatever.

I now pick up the magazine lying on top of the pile : Savvy. Zarina Wahab  graces the cover. O.K- have always had a soft spot for the lady because of  two reasons : firstly because of  Chit Chor , Gharoanda  and other movies moulded  in the same  gently caressing  langour of the late 70's and early 80's, and secondly because of the cad of a fellow  she had got married to. The fact that she never left Aditya Pancholi did baffle - specially when one read of the Kangana Ranauts, the  Pooja Bedis and  the  many others   one didn't have time to read about.

I  finish reading the article 'I believe ' . It leaves me feeling zapped . Zapped ?  Yes . Confused, ashamed , sad , angry. Ashamed and sad because of ,, and for, Zarina. The Savvy woman of the month has this to say :

" People talk about his ( Aditya Pancholi ) violent temper and that he beats me you think I would stand being battered ....yes, he does have a bad temper and does shout at me at times...."

" Aditya is a very good looking man and I have seen girls throw themselves at him with my own eyes. Yes , he has had affairs. But so what ? Let him have them!  Infact , I have told him , " you do anything you want outside, but inside my house I want my husband".

" Believe me I have never reacted to his affairs....infact he tells me that because I don't react or say anything , there is no fun in doing things"

A Savvy woman ? A woman who says it is par for the course for a husband to be a cad, a wife beater and hounder , a philanderer . And this is the reason for the anger. An established magazine like Savvy, whose lietmotif is : a magazine for the woman with style and substance  .... a magazine that has been instrumental in making women all over India aware of not just their rights, but their potential too in all spheres of life.  Why is it so important for magazines like Savvy to have celebrities on their cover and as their cover stories. Why do they dread to walk the talk ? If a magazine says it wants women to be aware of their rights in all fields why don't they do so? Are they  not , in a way, socially  sanctioning adultery by putting a celebrity on the cover who says blithely that oh yes she is happy when  her husband strays and she is  also happy that her husband is there to pay the bills.

Come on Savvy- live up to your name . Bite the bullet the next time. Next month have on your cover a woman who has told her two timing husband - 'I am not going to take this nonsense. I am walking out . I am a savvy woman'.

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