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Friday, July 26, 2013

Here is why I absolutely adore Arnab Goswami

I am in a constant state of denial when ribbed by husband and  kids about a time when I  thought Arnab G was just tooo loud , too over the top and too affected to be heard or seen. ' Really ?'  I ask . ' That's just not possible . I have heard and liked to hear Arnab for the longest time ever". Muffled snorts and disbelieving looks greet my statement but I am by now looking at Arnab himself and in that state of Nirvana - nothing impacts, certainly not a snort here and a disbelieving look there.

It's the News Hour and He is there- in person , sitting as always sideways. I just sooo like the way he sits- you know  ( I hope you know ) all hunched up-  which is vastly different from what his critics say- that he sits all bunched up , glancing sideways , at God alone knows whom ( hope not Navika  K ) .The way he sits shows how involved he is in the whole News business.  I mean there have been times when he has got so involved and leaned so far forwards that I have almost held out my hands to support him lest he falls off his pedestal, sorry stool/chair or whatever has been provided for him to sit on.

I adore the way his eyes glint through his spectacles. I had read aplenty   about the glint in the eyes of the hero in the Mills and Boons novels I devoured  as a giddy teenager but , alas, never really had the fortune to have anyone glint at me. Here is Arnab, every night at nine sharp, glinting ever so dangerously , with just the lens of his spectacles separating him from his legions of swooning female fans. Delicious.

Check out his rasping tone. You want to know what is a rasping tone ? Well ,  it is a mix of  Rhett Butler on a bad day  and Brad Pitt on a good day. Believe me its  an  amazing mix. Yes, I know that the Arnab Goswami Detractors Club ( henceforth AGDC ) say that he has a tone which grates on ones nerves and that he needs to gargle in the morning , gargle in the  afternoon and at night - well they say he needs to gargle nonstop at night , especially at 9 p.m. Tch tch.

I am mesmerized by the way he annihilates the guests on his show. He so fearlessly breaks all moribund debating rules of listening courteously to each speaker.Nah- that's not his style. He barks a question to his first guest, who is already reduced to a cowering mess ( because of the way He sits- sideways- and His glint and the rasping tone ) . The cowering mess squeaks some idiocity which enrages, rightfully so, Arnab and after that Arnab lets loose a volley of  verbal canons that leaves the guest  bleating , 'Arnab, listen to me, please do listen to me'. Ofcourse, the AGDC says that the verbal canons are not canons- that they are  a severe form of verbal diarrhoea - but you and I know better than to pay heed to a  green eyed monster called jealousy.

I love Arnab's patriotism . I can just visualize him as an earnest school  boy, gustily singing the national anthem under the approving gaze of the Principal, the vice principal, the maths teacher, the language teacher, the social studies teacher , the ...  Tell me , which other news anchor thunders every night, ' the nation demands ...'.  I look  at my husband  and son meaningfully. My look says clearly- why can't you be more like him. They look at me equally meaningfully. Their look says - we thought you thought loud was just so crass. The AGDC says, also meaningfully, that  he is a  megalomaniac and a  jingoist . This is so  terribly distressful for all of us ( Arnabs legions of female fan followers ). We are seriously contemplating forming a club - an 'Arnab is the best' or maybe a youthful 'Arnab Rocks' club. The bottom line for us is that a priceless object is a priceless object.
And we all agree that Arnab is priceless !


  1. Love this Mausi and I have to say that the one time that I did watch his flagship show, I thought he was hugely entertaining!

  2. Loved it...hope to read more soon. Tc madu