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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cooking your own Goose- an idiom

Meaning : Cooking  your own goose means creating trouble for yourself. It means that  you do something that spoils your  plans and prevents you  from succeeding

Origin of the Idiom :  The  phrase  was first coined from the martyrdom of a 15th century Czech  reformer, Hus. His name in Czech  means  'goose'. Hus was invited to a papal council to account for some of the things he had been writing that contradicted the Catholic church's teachings. He decided to attend and said jokingly, " the goose is not yet cooked and is not afraid of being cooked".

When Hus reached the meeting he was arrested and sentenced to death by burning. It turned out that his goose was cooked when he accepted the invitation.

Usage: Arvind Kejriwal has cooked his own goose by making a mockery of the people's trust , by not staying within the parameters defined by the Indian Constitution , by holding governance to ransom, and lastly , by losing the respect of a vast number of people.


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    1. That's a really good one- my karma and his karma :);)

  2. Learned something new! Thanks for the details on 'Origin' and 'Kejriwal' example :)

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