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Monday, April 21, 2014

Restaurant Review : Indian Accent

We drive into a beautiful property, nestled in the middle of  Delhi's Friends Colony. The feeling is of being dinner guests at someone's house and I almost look for the doorbell. However, there is no need to ring a bell as the glass doors are pushed open by  Adonis himself. I suck in my tummy and exchange a good evening with the Greek God. He ushers us to our table for four . The dining area,opening out into a verandah adjoining a lush green garden, is beautifully appointed, very discreet and elegant, with white being the prominent color. One wall has three huge black and white framed prints of Delhi. Each table has a white conch shell . Inside the shell are two marigold flowers. Very understated and classy.

The restaurant has a chef's  taster menu and also the option of going a la carte. We are booked in for the latter. The drinks menu is exhaustive and innovative. Just when we finish ordering our drinks  bite size naans stuffed with blue cheese are  served , on the house. The naan is delightful and this more or less sets the food standards for the evening. We order baked paneer pinwheels with coriander pesto(410), potato sphere chaat with white pea ragda(410),  panko crusted bharwan mirch with goat cheese mousse and chilli aam papad chutney(410) and  sweet and sour bitter gourd  for starters . The starters come surprisingly quickly. The presentation is straight out of the Master Chef series and the taste is divine. There is no doubt in one's mind that what one is eating is the result of  painstaking research and the  labor of  someone's love for food. The only serpent in this garden is my own thought on seeing the portions-' is that all?' Yes, the portions are exquisitely tiny and even the coriander pesto ( our very own green  dhania patta chutney is served in an itsy bitsy  bowl )but these pinpricks are minor in the face of what is undoubtedly a  truly pleasurable culinary experience. After the appetiser plates are whipped away ,tiny pressure cookers with anaardana chuski are placed before us. Enchanting.

For the mains we order masala wild mushrooms,with water chestnuts and paper roast dosai ( 975) and a dish of khandvi ravioli with mixed cheese mash and khakhra crisp(695). No surprises - good ; tiny portions! For dessert we plum for dark and white chocolate kulfi lollypops(595). Six tiny lollypops stuck  in a lovely serving dish.The lollypop kulfis are o.k ish , very comme ci comme ca. However, the feeling of disappointment does not linger. It is banished by the sight of a tiny (!!!) Indian charpoy. The charpoy has four bowls - for the churans ,golis, aam papad and the best  peanut chikki I have ever had.

The best thing about the evening- the Greek God, the food, the ambience and the fact that the tummy is not overstuffed by humungus portions. In fact to let you in on a ( tiny) secret- the husband and I had some milk and cookies when we came back home.

 Would I like to go back- certainly.


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