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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ahista chal zindagi.....

I read these lines and was totally taken aback by the truth of the beautiful lines. It seemed to me as if the poet had tip toed inside my mind and read what was there. These lines say  exactly what I have been wanting to  tell Life for sometime.

                                                 Ahista chal zindagi, abhi
                                               kai karz chukana baki   hai......
                                                Kuchh dard mitana baaki
                                                   hai, kuchh farz
                                                   nibhana baki hai.

                                                   Raftaar mein tere chalne
                                                     se kuchh Ruooth gaye,
                                                        kuchh chhut gaye.
                                                      Roothon ko manana
                                                       baaki hai, Roton ko
                                                        hasana baki hai.

                                                Kuch hasraten abhi adhuri hain,
                                                 kuchh kaam bhi aur zaruri hai.
                                                     Khwahishen jo ghut gayi
                                             is dil mein unko dafnana baki hai.
                                                     Kuch rishte ban kar toot
                                                      gaye, kuchh judte-judte
                                              chhut gaye.  Un tootte-chhutte
                                                       rishton ke zakhmon ko
                                                             mitana baki hai.

                                                 Tu Aage chal main Aata hun,
                                               kya chhor tujhe ji paunga?
                                                   In saanso par haq hai
                                                     Unko samjhana
                                                             baaki hai.
                                                 Ahista chal zindagi abhi
                                                   kai karz chukana baki


  1. ANJU!! See, THIS is why I told you you were way up there! Your poetry is really so good, meaningful and...deep! Hats off, Ma'am!

    1. Shipa :):) I wish it were mine :( read these lines and LOVED them and so....

    2. It may not be yours, but you found it! It is a gem of a poem and you know what they say about heerey ki parakh.....!

  2. Replies
    1. this is my poem lines
      how you say that u r the writer..
      reply me on

  3. Anybody knows who has written this lines